Active Anode Materials and Ultra High Purity Graphite Products

Following successful spheroidization and purification results in the testwork programs run by our technology partner American Energy Technologies Co. (AETC), Volt is adopting a unique inverted flow sheet for our downstream operations.

The use of this proprietary process enables Volt to not only convert a significant portion of our graphite feed, with yields of 74% achieved in the production of battery-ready anode material for lithium-ion batteries (LIB CSPG), but also generate a range of ultra-high purity graphite (UHPG) by-products for use as electrically conductive diluents in battery cathodes, and in a variety of valuable non-battery applications.

Coated Spherical Purified Graphite (CSPG) for Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB)

Volt Energy Materials LLC has been selected by Energy Supply Developers (ESD) to be the CSPG supplier for its 50GWh Gigafactory / Super Site in the USA that is expected to commence operations in 2025.

The Super Site facilities will be developed by ESD to incorporate battery materials suppliers, LIB cell manufacturer(s), R & D facilities and associated utilities and infrastructure. A well-known cell producer is the anchor tenant for ESD and was recently granted substantial funding from the US Government. Once this funding has been released, the Super Site project will move quickly.

Testwork and offtake discussions are also progressing with a United States based LIB cell developer that is engaged with both electric vehicle and stationary storage manufacturers. The battery anode product required to meet the cell developers demand will need a separate manufacturing facility in addition to the recently announced ESD Super Site CSPG facility.

UHPG Coatings - Non-spherical Ultra-high Purified Graphite

The non-spherical ultra-high purified graphite is a by-product of the spheroidization of purified graphite when producing LIB anode material. Volt will reap the benefits from the inverted flowsheet developed by AETC to produce not only spherical purified graphite for lithium-ion batteries, but also higher-margin non-spherical material that can be used in applications such as conductivity enhancement and other specialty uses.


Alkaline Batteries

Urban Electric Power Volt is in the process of entering into a strategic collaboration with advanced alkaline battery producer, Urban Electric Power (UEP).

UEP, Volt and AETC, will partner in the development of new technologies using non-spherical purified graphite for conductivity enhancement and ultra-high purity graphite-based coatings to improve alkaline battery performance. Notably this will improve the alkaline battery performance while benefitting the end users - consumers of UEP’s alkaline battery technologies - by offering a more attractive cost structure than the currently available industry solutions on the market.

Following the successful completion of the graphite technology programs for use in alkaline batteries, UEP and Volt plan to enter into an offtake agreement for the supply of ultra-high-purity graphite-based coatings and additives in addition to potential licensing benefits derived from the intellectual property developed.


Lead-acid Batteries

Volt is currently evaluating the electrochemical performance of its ultra-high purity non-spherical material for use in the expander of lead acid batteries. Test data from this initiative will be announced in the near future.

This work is being performed under the close oversight of Volt’s potential off-take partner, Apollo Energy Systems.