ZG Group Graphite Business

70% Interest

Volt has signed binding Share Purchase Agreements (“SPAs”) with existing shareholders of the ZG Group in Eastern Europe to acquire a 70% interest in each of the three companies comprising the ZG Group – Zavalievsky Graphite LLC, Stone Found LLC and Graphite Invest LLC.

The graphite mine and processing facilities are adjacent to Zavallya, around 280 kms south of the Ukraine capital Kyiv, and 230 kms north of Odessa’s main port.


Zavalievsky Graphite LLC

Processing plant buildings, processing plant, mining equipment, power sub-station and distribution

Stone Found LLC

Crushed Granite Operations and Plant

Graphite Invest LLC

Holds a 70% interest in PJC Zavalievsky Graphite Kombinat – mine, land, main administration office building.

Highlights of the 70% interest in the ZG Group Companies

  • Located in Eastern Europe, the Zavalievsky Graphite business is in close proximity to key markets with significant developments in Lithium-ion Battery (“LIB”) facilities planned to service the European based car makers and renewable energy sector.
  • Plans to produce battery anode material using existing graphite production to become a fully integrated supplier to LIB cell makers based in Europe.
  • Makes graphite products across the range and has the potential to significantly increase its high value large flake production.
  • Produces a high value “green” purified 99.5% TGC product.
  • Long life multi-decade producing mine that has further exploration upside.
  • Existing customer base and graphite product supply chains which Volt expects to be able to leverage off in developing its existing Bunyu Graphite Project in Tanzania.
  • Excellent transport infrastructure covering road, rail, river and sea freight combined with reliable grid power, ample potable ground water supply and good communications
  • An experienced workforce which can assist with training, commissioning and ramp-up for the Bunyu development. This is a key risk for financiers and could materially assist the ability to finance the Company’s Bunyu graphite project development.
  • Potential to generate material cashflow which could make Volt internally funded for corporate costs and working capital in future.
  • Co-products of quarry stone for the domestic market and garnet for the European market that could generate material cash flow for relatively low capital and operating cost leveraging the synergies from the graphite business infrastructure and experienced mining and processing staff.
  • A 79% interest in 636 hectares of freehold land, with the mine, processing plant and other buildings and facilities located on that land.

Battery Anode Materials

  • The ZG Group has current plans to install a processing plant and equipment in order to commence production of spheronised purified graphite (“SPG”) for the European LIB anode market within the next 12 months.
  • The Zavalievsky mine’s strategic location for the future supply of SPG to the European markets has already attracted interest from LIB cell manufacturers and major car makers.

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