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Asset Overview

Three license applications of 291km² in area with similar prospective geology and physical proximity.

Jadar North (area comprising 98.75km2)

  • Asena has directly targeted the northern extent of the basin where Rio Tinto is developing the world class Jadar Deposit
  • Rio and Asena occupy 100% of the Jadar basin – subject to Asena being granted the North Jadar licence
  • Extensive surface geochemical sampling, ground magnetic and magnetotelluric surveys, followed by limited drilling conducted

Petlovaca (area comprising 99.65km2)

  • Near to the Jadar basin, gravity-data indicates similar depths, thicknesses, environments and stratigraphic sequences.
  • Undrilled to date

Ljig (area comprising 92.31km2)

  • Two holes drilled in the Ljig license application area to date penetrated lacustrine sediments with mineralisation found as pseudomorphs
  • Large area of mineralised basin sediments indicated by the nearby Valjevo borate deposit drilling