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US Natural Graphite Anode Plant

Plant Design Study with Worley Ltd

  • 7,500 tonnes per annum expected capacity (125,000 EVs per year)
  • Plant design study to be complete in Summer 2023; start of production in 2026
  • To meet domestic demand, US will need ~980 kTPA graphite anode by 2030

Volt Graphite is Ideal for Li Ion Battery Anode

The Scanning Electron Microscopy images above are of the concentrate-purity Bunyu graphite.

They show pale inclusions attributed to gangue, clearly located either on the surface of larger flakes or on edge planes.

Typically, impurities are embedded as gangue in between flake layers of classic graphite. However, Bunyu flakes are unique in their impurity topography, allowing for easier removal of impurities and therefore lowered processing costs.

JDA and MOU with 24M

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 24M provides a pathway for Volt to supply coated spheronised purified graphite (CSPG) directly to 24M licencees such as Volkswagen, Freyr, Kyocera, Fuijifilm.1
  • 24M to promote Volt as the preferred supplier for anode and/or cathode products to 24M’s licencees
  • Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with 24M and American Energy Technologies Company will focus on CSPG and also non-spherical graphite products to enhance lithium-ion battery performance.1
1ASX Announcement 27 October 2022

Natural Graphite Anode

Demand > Supply, 25% Price Increase